LATEST: a photobook of the pictures featured in the exhibition is available at - see here.

FarmAbility is an outdoor, farm-based programme of animal husbandry, horticulture, and seasonal tasks forĀ adults (or co-farmers) with autism and learning disabilities. Earlier this year I was invited to photograph the activities of co-farmers, volunteers, and staff in order to illustrate the mission of providing meaningful occupation - and the exhibition Doing, Belonging, Becoming is a result of this.

FarmAbility is a fantastic project and does excellent work: small groups, supported by enthusiastic staff and volunteers, help co-farmers gain a real sense of purpose and achievement, while building the practical and vocational skills they need to move forward in their lives.

The exhibition is at venue #468 at FAI Farms next to the Field Station at Wytham (map) and runs 20-28 May. (From Wolvercote you make your way to Wytham and after the bridge over the stream just before the village you turn right and go about half a mile down the lane to the buildings just beyond the University field station.)

I am indebted to Sarah Giles and all at FarmAbility for their support and to The Funding Network in Oxford for connecting me to the team in the first instance.
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